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Welcome to my page. They say hindsight is 20/20. Over the decades of my life, I can see how at each crossroads, I realized that every choice I made led to my destiny today. Even with life’s most significant challenges, I learned how important our attitude and being grateful is so we can find the blessings even in the storm. I can see the abilities I acquired because of the adversities I faced. Today I am happy because my path led me to my calling as a life coach for women. Like many other women on a true heroine’s journey, we cannot see it while we are in it. I went through many health and emotional challenges and developed a deep wealth of understanding for other women on a similar path.  

Three Traumatic Major Events in My Life

There were three major events which catapulted me into spiritual and emotional growth.  I was faced with the crisis of being sexually assaulted, a stalking victim, and later going through stage 3 cancer and later a recurrence of stage 4 breast cancer while in a marriage where I was physically abused.  Through all my adversities I was able to begin healing emotionally once I left my abuser in 2012.  Through prayer, eduction and learning about self-compassion I sprung forth in my life on a new path of discovery that through our challenges new abilities and perspective are revealed to us as the healing continues.  Like a wildflower we grow in the most unexpected ways and harshest conditions.  My One Wildflower Life Coaching program for women was developed as a faith-based approach to emotional wellness.  To learn more, please visit One Wildflower Life Coaching


 One Wildflower Life Coaching

A Faith-based Approach to

Emotional Wellness

Wake up to the beauty of how God sees you. Together we can discover how every heartache, every physical and emotional challenge you have endured cannot be ignored or chased away with a positive attitude but only realized by seeing what God wants to show you.

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What to Expect

Day to day strategy that includes God – When you work directly with me, we can develop a personalized plan to help you break down the walls at a comfortable pace.  It will be a day to day strategy where God leads your day. You will begin to understand how you have been on a God-ordained heroine’s journey, and you will become more aware of your soul purpose!  

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In these lovingly crafted pages, I share my stories and reflections about the power of thankfulness. In Grateful Heart you will also find scientific evidence that provides an impressive range of benefits on how gratitude improves our overall well-being. “Grateful Heart” includes daily activities with writing prompts to inspire appreciation and 40 journaling pages for daily gratitude Grateful Heart undeniably cuts to the very core of how gratitude improves the quality of life, even through the most traumatic situations. Shannon shines a light on how the daily practice of gratitude can begin a life transformation immediately.


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