Hello, I’m Shannon!

Welcome to my page. They say hindsight is 20/20. Over the decades of my life, I can see how at each crossroads, I realized that every choice I made led to my destiny today. Even with life’s most significant challenges, I learned how important our attitude and being grateful is so we can find the blessings even in the storm. I can see the abilities I acquired because of the adversities I faced. Today I am happy because my path led me to my calling as a life coach for women. Like many other women on a true heroine’s journey, we cannot see it while we are in it. I went through many health and emotional challenges and developed a deep wealth of understanding for other women on a similar path.  

The three major events in my life, which catapulted me into spiritual snd emotional growth, were facing the crisis of being sexually assaulted, a stalking victim, and later going through stage 3 and stage 4 breast cancer. 

To be thrust into these moments was emotionally traumatizing, and I needed more than a friend, a family member, and a counselor who was just willing to listen. Counseling is valuable, but when the clock hits the end of the hour, we are sometimes feeling more vulnerable after a session and sometimes too fragile to drive. I went through this multiple times when I was seeing counselors. I always respected their profession and time with me, but I felt the gap of not connecting with someone who had also been through trauma herself and could relate while giving me the tools I needed to get through another week. 

My One Wildflower Life Coaching program for women is an excellent supplement to counseling because it is more than listening and giving an analysis. I engage with my clients and teach coping skills, starting from session one. I meet with them via Skype Video so they can feel comfortable right there in their own home; I know when they are not doing well enough to break away at the end of an hour. I understand because of empathy, and I take the extra time necessary, whether it is five minutes or 15 minutes, to make sure they are emotionally comfortable and prepared to end our session and transition back into their life. Compassion and empathy are required when many women face panic, fear, or anxiety from past or present traumas. 

Through our pain, we can learn empathy and self-compassion. I am fulfilling my most authentic calling as a life coach for women who have gone through or are experiencing emotional trauma. 

I have coached women since 2014 and received my certification in 2016. I have written two books to help women break through barriers and to teach self-compassion. I have been a guest many times on radio and podcast and given presentations at You Night Event women’s retreats. I also appeared in two personal development films. I love to connect with people and go live on Facebook regularly. I love writing, so please follow my blog if you wish.

The greatest blessings in my life are my husband, son, and daughter and five beautiful grandchildren with one more on the way. I thank God each day for the blessing of all the women who have trusted me with their stories and allowed me to help them.  


Broken Heart Syndrome

Broken Heart Syndrome

Broken Heart Syndrome (Cardiomyopathy) is linked to breast cancer and other cancers. Broken heart syndrome, also called takotsubo syndrome, causes the heart’s main pumping chamber temporarily to enlarge, and as a result, it cannot pump blood adequately. It feels like a heart attack,

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