DO NOT ENTER! Good luck telling that to a wildflower, they grow wherever they want! ~Shannon Knight

When you do something outside the box, sometimes it feels like you’re climbing over a fence that says, DO NOT ENTER, and everyone watching you is wondering if you’ll come back alive! That’s the best way to describe how some people treated me as I went in a direction no one who I loved would have chosen. Where that type of courage comes from is still a mystery to me. You feel afraid as you are doing something brave. Faith in God regardless of the outcome; God’s will is tough when you are praying to survive and you are getting worn out. However, faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain and nothing is impossible. (Matthew 17:20)
I will never forget the first time I was diagnosed in 2006 with stage three breast cancer. To start out at stage three, you can’t help but wonder about what signs or symptoms you could have missed that were signaling you at stage one or stage two.
“What did I miss?”
Once you are diagnosed, everything’s happening so fast. You don’t feel relaxed at all. You feel defeat before you even hit the ground running.
Often, you arrive at more than one crossroads, and every path you see is without a promise of successful treatment at the end of the road, but you have to choose anyway.
Doctors have a way of making you feel that there is no hope, and yet you are taking the forward steps anyway in fear. Courage is picked up along the way.
Many survivors have shared their courageous stories and have paved a path of hope for others. My road took me six years to reach the final destination, where healing was a success. It was paved with many hard decisions I had to make. I chose surgeries, radiation which resulted in infection, and even went through changes in my relationships. Cancer has a lot of collateral damage, and the blessing is recognized later. It’s like that for some of us.
I have seen many women who were the phoenix that arose from the ashes. Cancer changes your whole life. It could knock you down and keep you there or transform you to a true heroine regardless if you ever reached healing success.
When I hit what I thought was a dead-end, that’s when the real courage had to come through. I had no more options available in the United States, but there was still hope in Mexico. Even though UCLA told me I only had 3-12 months to live, I knew that I couldn’t quit, not as long as I had fight left in me. Four years after my original diagnosis, I finally considered going to Mexico and allowed CMN the opportunity to treat me, and they saved my life. If you have faith and strong intuition, I say go with it! Trust it.
Today, I am alive because I trusted my intuition, and I prayed for answers. I believe God is already there, and He has led us in that direction. Go for it! You know what it feels like when that happens, it has happened in the past; sometimes we realize it later when we felt the tug and ignored it only to say later on, “I knew it!” I should have done it! You felt a strong pull in a particular direction did not heed it.
Many success stories out there can probably relate if they were stage four and did something entirely outside the norm.
The stories have shown me that medicine really is a “practice” and not a perfect science! I have learned that each cancer survivor has to choose their own way, and no one is responsible for the outcome of their choices because doctors still cannot make us a promise.
No two paths to try and heal cancer are the same. We all get amazed by one another.
I have learned something about myself; I don’t like my cancer story compared to someone else! When someone regrets their decision and wish they had done what I did or wanted a family member to do, I feel it disrespects themselves or their loved one who made a hard choice.
There are no guarantees with any treatment, so we can’t ever compare our choices with someone else.
Here is my story, and even though it may be similar to another, we are not the same, and many variables affected our healing outcome; most of all, “God’s Will.”
~Shannon Knight
One Wildflower Life Coaching for Women

My Victory Over Cancer

The Timeline

July 2006

I went through what many can relate to; as an unpredictable, crazy, overwhelming uncharted path to healing cancer. I was given my first diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer in Seattle, WA. I was thrown onto a battlefield without knowing one thing about cancer except that it scared me,  At this point, I had not given one thought to ever leaving my country to get cancer treatment. I started out with major surgery, a bilateral mastectomy at the University of WA Medical Center. I had complications of staph infection and was very sick.

May 2008

UW Seattle told me I was in remission. I never use that word, remission now because it set fear in me permanently that cancer was only taking a break and would return eventually. Instead, I claim complete healing.

 July 2010

I got a recurrence, and the disease was now stage 4 with metastasis to my bones and all lobes of my lungs. I followed the recommendation and did 22 radiation sessions out of 40 that were planned on my sternum in Thousand Oaks, Los Robles Medical Center. Radiotherapy was ceased due to infection complications.

September 2010

After the failed radiation and complications with infection new scans revealed the disease had progressed, and my UCLA oncologist gave me the shocking news that I had only 3-12 months to live. It changed my life and way of  thinking forever.I had reached the final crossroads of where I would be making the most challenging decision: to either accept defeat in this long cancer battle or trust this tugging; my intuition to go and try to heal with alternative cancer treatment. It was not easy because I did not know of one person who had taken this path.I chose not to quit and crossed that Arizona border to a well established and highly respected Hospital in Mexico for one last fighting chance with advanced alternative cancer treatment. CMN hospital offered non-toxic healing therapies I had never tried.  The decision I made meant I was choosing non-FDA approved therapies and that my health insurance would not cover. Against all odds, and on a wing and a prayer, I raised the money with my girlfriend’s fantastic support. They are a fortress of Angels, and I was able to go to CMN Hospital because of them.

February, 2011

CMN Hospital, San Luis Sonora Mexico-Dr.Payan could not promise to cure me but  he made he said that he would not give up on me if I didn’t and that he would do his best to heal me. He said the rest is up to God and the hope that my body had the fight left to respond to his therapies. He said I had been through a lot, and it would take a strong will and prayers.  

May 2011 

It was Spring, May 2011, just three months after doing alternative cancer treatment at CMN.  I was in a lot of pain from the lung and bone pain still.  I was terrified that the treatment was not working. Publicly I seemed courageous but  I’ve had my worst fears and most extraordinary courage through the entire cancer journey. I wrote a letter to a friend during my darkest hour and feel this letter is imperative to anyone facing cancer, who thinks I was brave through my entire experience.  I wasn’t.  I believe it is vital to share what I wrote in my darkest hour for all who feel bad about “losing it” now and then. 

My Darkest Hour: A Letter to a Friend

August 2011 

I was symptom-free, the cancer in my lungs and metastasis to bones that were being gnawed through like termites had healed!

October  2011

I had the PET/CT scan that confirmed that I was NED ( No Evidence of Disease.) My bones are completely healed to this day.I shared my excitement when I got my results with everyone, and what stood out the most for me was Dr. Payan’s humble response when I thanked him for saving my life. He said, “No, no, no, Shannon, don’t thank me; you need to thank God” without God, we could not have done any of this. What humble and wise words that have forever marked my heart. I thank God for the guidance that led me to CMN and Dr. Payan’s Alternative Cancer Treatment protocol. Some of the treatments were Dendritic Cell Therapy, Autologous Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant, the Hyperbaric Oxygen that healed my chest and back from the radiation burns, the Ozone, Hyperthermia, UVBI, IV therapies, Biomagnetism, and so much more.)

September 2020

I am forever grateful for the journey and each crossroads of decisions I made. It has been the footprints along the path by my side; the stops along the way to break and fall apart, gain strength from a friend, and help someone who is scared. It has been days, weeks, months, and years of acquiring a new perspective on life and our purpose.
To show what I mean, If anyone had told me in 2006 when I was first diagnosed in Seattle that my journey would lead to this hidden gem, CMN Hospital in San Luis, Mexico, I would have listened politely but definitely been skeptical. I would not have been able to envision it for myself.
I had to go through surgery, radiation, infections and then finally hear a prestigious UCLA medical team tell me it was hopeless and that I only had months to live before even considering a non-conventional way to use every bit of fight I had left in me to give a humble hospital in Mexico a chance to try and save my life. I have learned this; that doctors are not God, and what they say is not always accurate. Medicine is a practice, and we are not clones. UCLA was wrong when they told me I only had 3-12 months to live, but I am alive to talk about it, and I am grateful for the entire journey; stories of getting through the dark to the light or being the light for someone in their dark moment.
Every moment is significant. We bring hope to others!
We all may respond differently to the treatments we choose, but we can hold on to hope, faith, and courage.

~Shannon Knight

Founder of One Wildflower Life Coaching for Women
“A Faith-based Approach to Emotional Wellness”

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