In these lovingly crafted pages, Shannon shares her stories and reflections about the power of thankfulness. In Grateful Heart you will also find scientific evidence that provides an impressive range of benefits on how gratitude improves our overall well-being. “Grateful Heart” includes daily activities with writing prompts to inspire appreciation and 40 journaling pages for daily gratitude Grateful Heart undeniably cuts to the very core of how gratitude improves the quality of life, even through the most traumatic situations. Shannon shines a light on how the daily practice of gratitude can begin a life transformation immediately.


About   the    Author


Shannon Knight is a two-time breast cancer survivor, including a harrowing battle with stage 4. Faced with impossible choices, Shannon decided to trust her intuition and refused chemotherapy. She traveled to Mexico. Because of this courageous decision, Shannon is alive and well today. While her battle with cancer is now six years past, Shannon is still fighting cancer with other survivors. As a cancer advocate and certified life coach, Shannon educates others on how they, too, can control their destiny when facing cancer. She works with survivors and those still battling, helping them navigate the winding and overwhelming roads of recovery. After a certain point, Shannon began to hear phrases familiar to others in their fight with cancer, “Maybe it’s time to accept things,” and “there’s nothing left to do.” She fought passionately, but like so many survivors, the battle begins to wear on a person. If there were even a sliver of hope, she’d take it. Run with it. Fear did set in as a foundation but her faith, though small, remained. She stood up with a new determination, and even in the face of so much negativity, decided there had to be another way.