A friend of mine in 2006 who belonged to a large skeptic organization told me the first time I had cancer that I was a fool, an absolute idiot to not do chemotherapy with stage 3 cancer. He said, ” Shannon, orange juice will not save your life! Listen to yourself! He genuinely pitied me. His sarcasm about OJ was because one of the “many healthy cancer therapies” I chose was I.V. Vitamin C.

He was a handsome, persuasive, firefighter who sounded so noble, smart, insistent and caring. He was wrong, and I am glad I was able to withstand all the charm and advice he afforded me so compassionately for my good. He believed with all his heart that I was making a very grave mistake based on my intuition in my gut to try a healthier alternative to treat cancer. This feeling led me straight to the hospital and physicians that would save my life; CMN Hospital.

I have never shared this with anyone, but I wanted to let you know that often what we feel intuitive is the right thing for us to do, we tend to ignore. We do this because of outside opinions of others and their fears, skepticism, or genuine love. We need to trust ourselves. It could mean saving your life.

How do animals know not to eat from poisonous shrubs? How? I trust my instincts more now and quiet the noise of skepticism around me.

In 2010 I had a recurrence of stage 4 cancer, and I still decided against chemo. I trusted my intuition twice, and here I am six years later realizing my instincts were right and the intelligent doctors and skeptics were wrong in “my personal choice for treating cancer.” Let me reemphasize, “My personal choice.” We must respect each other’s decisions.

We must trust ourselves, and sometimes your family and friends will think you are crazy. Each of us has the answer inside, try to listen to your inner voice. Your voice. Don’t worry what others think because one day you could save your life, not just with cancer but on many different things that you will get advice on that does not match what you think is right.

Wishing you confidence and less distraction when your inner voice is speaking to you the answers you need. I pray for all of you to continue trusting yourselves and turning down the volume of outside noise so you can hear your inner voice and the message.

~ Shannon
PS. When I was a kid, I was considered tolerant and tenacious. It’s an Interesting combination if you think about it. I was patient and tolerated strong opinions of others. I had tenacity when going after what I believed.

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